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best sms app android samsung galaxy mini
Handcent SMS is a free SMS tool for Android, unleashing full support for SMS & MMS, extensive customization options, and incredible functionality.

free sms apps for Android

latest update Version: 2.9.35
Size: 1.75MB

best sms app android
Easily the best text messaging app option on Android is Handcent SMS. I must admit, I have overlooked this app for quite sometime (ever since the native on-screen keyboard was introduced). Needless to say, what many users have said all along is true, Handcent SMS is a must-have app

Best features of the app free sms apps for Android:
  • best sms app for android
  • SMS Popup capabilities
  • Quick text reply
  • Speech-to-text and text-to-speech (you’ll need to install the voice data found in settings > speech synthesis)
  • Call/view contact
  • Trash message
  • Refreshed user interface
  • Contact’s picture shown with the message
  • Endless customization options
  • Language
  • Skin
  • Theme
  • Conversation style
  • Font size
  • Text bubble settings
  • Quick text settings
  • Etc.
  • Batch mode allows easy SMS organization/deletion
  • Blacklist

    download free sms apps for Android apk
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